In Sedona

Ted and Corky Grussing




One joined our family early in June of 2013 when Q passed at the young age of six years. She is the first female cat that we have had living with us and she is an absolute delight; firmly establishing her presence and setting down the rules we are to abide by.


There were three cats I was attracted to at the Sedona Humane  Society and there was pressure to bring all three home; I hung in there for one and One came home. I did pay for the adoptions for the other two cats though and they were quickly placed in forever homes.


One is primarily an indoor cat, but gets daily supervised outings to hunt and play. We felt that all the chemicals which are put on the golf course grass may have been a contributing factor to Q's demise, so One receives a good cleaning after every outing. One is energetic, sleeps on my chest (I do not sleep) and is a very social and and loving cat.


One is my favorite model and frequently turns up in composites as well as straight shots.