In Sedona

Ted and Corky Grussing

   Corky and I began dating in 1958 when I was 20 and she 19; we were married the following year.


    Corky was an RN, Law Office Manager, Mom, my best friend ever and one of the neatest people that has ever walked the earth.


     Ted has owned numerous businesses, is a Lawyer, Professional Photographer, Soaring Pilot, Gem Cutter, Jewelry Designer,  Author and Public Speaker.


     Corky was diagnosed with MS in 1966 and lived with it for more than 47 years. During that time she never complained about the disease and maintained one of the brightest outlooks of anyone you will ever meet.


      Beginning in 1990 Ted became her full time Caregiver and we moved from Huntington Beach, CA to Sedona, AZ. In May of 2013 she was placed on hospice care; we decided to live each day remaining to the fullest. For nearly five months we went every day and frequently she was up more than fourteen  hours per day ... bed rest was not an option.


    Throughout the years we always found ways to make life work and to enjoy each day.


    Corinne A. "Corky" Grussing lived in grace and joy and passed from this life enveloped in love on November 8, 2013.


 Love is forever and ours is forever after that ... that is what we always told each other and then we would smile knowing that any separation would be momentary compared to that which is still to be. For now Ted continues in the present  ... living in the now and some day we will catch up again ...