In Sedona

Ted and Corky Grussing



Corky and I were born and grew up in Minnesota. We spent the first years of our life together in Minnesota and both of our daughters were born there, but the winters eventually got to us and we moved to Huntington Beach, California, where we spent the next twenty five years. We owned a business, started a law practice and enjoyed all the fun things the area had to offer be it the beach, boating, biking or hiking. We had fun. The kids grew up and left home, millions more moved to Orange County and it was time for us to leave. Sedona was mentioned to us as a place to move to and after our first visit we agreed and in 1992 we left Southern California and have enjoyed our life in Sedona's Red Rock Country ever since.


During the presidential elections of 2000, Mary Matlin, who was Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff wrote a book titled "Letters to my Daughters" in which she shared her mothers and her life experiences with her daughters. Our daughter Susan read the book and decided that she would share her daily experiences with her Mom and thus began what ended up being twelve years of nearly daily emails from Sus to Corky. In 2002 I decided to do a similar thing and share my photography and thoughts with family and friends ... it started with perhaps fifty people and today thousands receive my daily emails and photos and view them on blog sites. You can view the many of them at:


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