With a smile

… five years ago a friend gave Corky a beautiful floral arrangement  and as always, I took some time to shoot it, but in this case it was a wee late in the life cycle and I missed the beautiful blooms as originally gifted. Still, when I took a look at the arrangement, the beauty that had been was still very obvious and spent blooms were departing with a smile … life had been beautiful and now that it was time to leave the departure was done with grace and a smile that remained and transformed the blooms into a thing of beauty. I have known a lot of people like that too … and though gone, a smile creeps across my face as I remember them and their interaction with my life. A good reason to start each day with a smile so that those who remain after our passing will remember our lives with fondness and a smile … a beauty that continues forever and forever after that as we continue the journey.



Beautiful rain again today and I’m going to put an early wrap on this so that I can climb out into a beautifully clean atmosphere tomorrow morning; the sky will be blue, the forests a rich green and as I climb to a perch 15,000’ in the air all will be well with visibility extending into Utah and Colorado … I hope.

Have a beautiful day and smile




Give me to gladly go my way and say no word of mine own woe;

But let me smile each day.

Give me the strength to do my task I ask; and that I shall not rue

The toiler’s grimy mask.

Give one loved hand to me, and leave the eve, all undisturbed as we

Our strength of souls retrieve.

And lastly give sweet sleep. Closed sight, no fright that fears will o’er me creep;

And now a sweet goodnight.