From the depths

… a water skier on what appears to be a slalom ski was emerging from the lake … yes he really is in there and he did make it up and was soon racing down the lake in pursuit of pure fun. Brought back a lot of memories of when we used to do all of that. We got shots of Osprey, Cormorants, and Crows, people and scenery; we explored the lake and found areas that need to be revisited. Lake Mary was beautiful, full and a very pleasant temperature. I bought a season pass for this lake too, so for sure will be back up there.

There are no limits on the size of motors on the lake and doing a mere 15mph was relaxing, but found me looking for more. Kinda like flying a high performance sailplane and then moving into a moderate performance ship … so now I’m thinking alternative engine for larger bodies of water … the joys of boats and planes :+)

I have a lot to learn in shooting from the water and need to work on my skill set; I took 641 shots and have deleted 602 shots. Yikes! Oh well, it is good to be challenged and there is the next time. A friend sent me a very cool video of a Canada Goose that was raised by a guy and it is now part of the family … I like stories like this and it is definitely a story you will enjoy:

Have a beautiful day … two more days until the AC parts arrive … think I’ll head back to Flagstaff and relish the cooler weather. This a wrap for the week and I’ll be back Monday morning … August already … wow!




May I not forget that poverty and riches are of the spirit.

Though the world knows me not, may my thoughts and actions

be such as shall keep me friendly with myself.


Max Ehrmann