Things that go bump

… night or day … a couple of nights ago the alarm system went off and woke me from a deep sleep … .357 mag in hand I checked the house out and nada, the system had simply temporarily lost connectivity with the server and thought it should wake me … I should learn the codes that are displayed. Today as Jim and I were touring neat spots on Watson Lake, things went bump and we were stuck on a slightly submerged rock, we both got in the back and rocked it off. The lake is way up from a couple of weeks ago and none of the obstructions in the lake are marked and many lurk just below the surface; a very good reason to adhere to the no wake rules on the lake. The Mercury outboard went bump on another rock and the Minn-Kota electric engine also went bump on yet a third rock. It was worth it and no real damage. Very much like cruising in electric mode as it is silent and easy to sneak up on wildlife.

Wondering if this rock formation could be a potential candidate for a new Thistledown  space ship … it could be 😊

Cabela’s put the side rails on the boat trailer this morning and what a difference in retrieving the boat; just locks it in place the first time. Sweet!

Time to wrap the day … hope your day was a good one … if you’re reading this you must still be breathing and that makes everything else so simple.




And in this journey over a thousand hills and valleys called life, he is wisest who

is patient where the way is hard, has faith when he does not understand, and carries

into the dark places the light of a cheerful heart.


Max Ehrmann